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Friends and Colleagues,


I have been a member of CORE since 2008.

However, with this notice, I hereby end my membership and association with CORE. I feel as though the CORE Caucus no longer represents the ideals and practices that drew me in at its beginning.

It’s been a marvelous and fascinating journey, but I now feel like something precious has been lost along the way. Original programs can get clogged and confused by accretions and clutter and must reboot. It’s time reboot.

So now I have chosen to support a group of committed individuals that actually do believe and practice what I have always espoused. I see them as the future of our union … and I truly believe that the Chicago Teachers Union has an important role to play in the future public education, our nation, and the world.

CORE, I wish you well and truly hope the you one day reclaim your original spirit and ideals.

But for now …  pardon the pun … but it’s time to get REAL.


Michael E. Brunson

Former CORE member

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